Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thankstaking Day

If I was to sit down and list all the things in my life for which I should be thankful, and then individually took the time to give thanks for each and every one of those things,. I would end up needing far, far less than a day. A thanksgiving hour would be fine. In fact, if you relaly think about it – hmmm. I’ve got both arms, I’m off the crack, and the creditors haven’t found my new address—that’s really like 1 minute.

No, I don’t need a day to give thanks. I need a day to extract thanks from people who owe me. That’s a holiday I’d like to see.

On Thankstaking day, you’d be able to show up at the house of every one for whom you have done a favor and demand thanks. That would be one hell of a holiday. I’d be riding all around the tristate area

“Hello, is Bob there. Hey bob.. remember that time I pointed out the girl you were going to take home from that party had an adams apple?”

“Thanks, Jeff”

“And how I didn’t tell your aunt about that time you got so drunk you made out with Uncle Pete?”

“Thanks Jeff”

“Hey remember when we were in mexico and I loaned you 75 pesos for that discount sex change you wanted?”

“Thanks Jeff”

That’s all I’m looking for. A little thanks for the good I’ve done in the world.

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Tess said...

I think Jeff Glasse is so f-ing hot, and I would do anything to sleep with him. He makes me laugh everyday, don't stop giving it to me JG

The Pink Kitty