Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bringing us all together

I’ve realized recently that some of my issues with the president can be traced to a simple language barrier…he’s from Texas, I’m from Pennsylvania, so we simply express ourselves differently. For example: When the president says, “You’re doing a heck of a job” what he means is “you’re an incompetent buffoon”

It’s just a language thing.

And when he says “environmental plan” he means “christmas gifts for pappy's oil baron friends"

When he says, “I think America needs a comprehensive new immigration policy” what he means is “I’m nervous around brown people.”

See? Once you get past these language barriers, it’s easier to be at peace with your desire to punch the guy in the face.

And let’s face it; for all of the divisive rhetoric of the past several years, in the end, it’s Bush who has brought this country together. Who would have thought that the one thing red and blue states could agree to is that the president is an incompetent moron? Thanks President Bush. Extra pudding for you tonight.

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